Kayaking adventures in Tenby? Yep. Our guided kayaking trips usually depart from our Tenby Harbour HQ from where we head off around the local Pembrokeshire coastline. The half-day excursions take in some of the inaccessible beaches, spectacular sea-caves, islands, waterfalls and wildlife we’re lucky enough to have close by.

Our lightweight and comfortable sit-on-top kayaks are ideal for exploration with storage for snacks and spare clothing and even a built-in wheel for easy transportation up a secret beach! We’ve got both single and double boats, warm cags (a fancy coat with waterproof seals, very fashionable) to keep you dry, comfortable buoyancy-aids and helmets to protect the noggin during the rocky bits.

Kayak guide Tom is a 5 star kayak guide, a knowledgable coastal forager, keen naturalist, bad hat-wearer and repository of jokes so bad they actually hurt your ears. 

Minimum age – 6yrs old

£50 – adults

£40 – kids (under 18)

Group rates and more info below.

Session Prices

Adults £50 (3hr)
Under 18s £40 (3hr)
Our 10% group discount for 6 or more people is automatically applied on booking.

Contact us for large groups or package deals!

Private sessions available, please contact us for details.


A kayak (from the Inuit Qajaq) is a small boat, traditionally with an enclosed cockpit where the paddler sits. Our boats are so-called ‘sit-on-tops’, so you’re on – rather than in – the boat. This is mostly for ease of use and means a relatively inexperienced yakker can quickly learn to pilot our boats with a bit of instruction, which we’ll give you!

Nope! Our boats are stable, light and designed to be easy to pilot. They track brilliantly so you’ll have no problems going in a straight line. They’re also really manoeuvrable so caves and rocky bits can be negotiated with ease.

Kayaking is super-safe. However, we kayak on the open sea and that’s always something to take on with the appropriate respect. Total awareness of the tidal conditions and weather forecast is essential. That’s your guide’s job! 

Even though an instructor with a fairly basic qualification can guide a kayak session on the sea, our guides are all 5-star qualified and that’s the highest yak qualification there is. We operate on the fringes of the Atlantic with a very large tidal range – so you definitely want an expert looking after you!

Our half-day sessions involve being out on the water for around 2.5 hours. 

We do offer kayak expeditions lasting a whole day or even multiple days though – give us a shout if you’re interested in getting serious! Outside our peak season we’re always keen to organise a multi-day kayak-camp-kayak expedition.

It’s a good idea to wear some decent footwear – trainers are great – for walking up and down the beach or exploring the rocks. 

Wear beach stuff – shorts and a t-shirt are fine, bring a jumper if it’s nippy. Depending on the time of year we might give you a wetsuit or a kag to wear.

Bring something to drink and a snack if you think you might get hungry. We have dry bags to store these bits (and any other belongings you might want to bring). Valuables can be safely left at our HQ whilst you are out.

Bring a towel for changing – our facilities in this respect are somewhat rudimentary! If you have a changing robe they’re a good idea.

Firstly – rain does NOT matter! Actually, it can be quite lovely to paddle through a downpour. If we don’t equip you with a wetsuit (that depends on the time of year) we’ll issue you with a kag that’ll keep the weather out.

Sometimes strong winds from certain directions and unusually large swells can cause us to move or postpone a kayak session. We can usually fall back to one of our more protected routes but on occasion that’s not possible. If your session is rescheduled and you can’t make it, or cancelled – you will be refunded in full. This doesn’t happen often during the summer.

As a rule we don’t take photos as a service – we feel it can distract your guide from the job in hand – keeping you safe and happy. Your guide might snap some if they have their phone or camera (with your permission). 

If you have a GoPro or action cam (that’s waterproof to at least 5m) we’re happy for you to bring it along. Helmet mounts don’t really work but if you have a floaty handle or a lanyard that can be safely attached, that’s all good.