The Team

About Us

Who are we? Coasteerers, kayakers, climbers, surfers, scientists, free-divers, eaters of cake, investigators of weird caves, explorers of the sea and sky, friends of crabs and seals, owners of many carabiners.

Everyone at Tenby Adventure is passionate about the environment we work in. Since we began we’ve been active members of Pembrokeshire’s Marine Code – formed to safeguard our amazing coastal environment. We work with ecologists, marine biologists and local authorities to ensure we leave the place we work in better than we found it.

Lots of people come coasteering or kayaking or on our other activities and adventures for the excitement, but we try to send everyone on their way with an appreciation of the place where we play that they might not have had before.

We’re very lucky to get to do cool stuff with great people – non-standard stuff in special places that is sometimes challenging and definitely not run-of-the-mill. We’ve found that the people who seek us out are also not run-of-the-mill – they’re adventurous, they’re looking for something different and – we’ve found – they’re great! Our job is therefore a delight and leads us to constantly find more awesome stuff to do with YOU. Saves us getting real jobs…

Mark - Benevolent Dictator

Mark began adventuring aged 8, with a semi-accidental solo crossing of Carmarthen Bay on a catamaran made out of scaffolding and optimism; next came a solo ascent of Snowdon aged 10 (his mum thought he’d gone to the Butlins arcade); several attempts on the land-yacht speed record from the age of 12 and a successful-ish home-made hang-glider flight aged 13. 

Since then Mark has surfed all over the world, climbed many Alps, free-dived on shipwrecks in the Caribbean, sailed across the Atlantic on a boat he built in a potato shed and learnt to fly paragliders across the Welsh mountains (not the Preselis). 

Mark has been instructing all kinds of outdoor pursuits, from climbing to archery to surfing and coasteering, since 2007. Early on he realised that not only is coasteering pretty much the best of them all, but Pembrokeshire is probably the best place in the world to do it.

Tom - Head Guide, Vintner

Tom likes kayaks. A lot. He first sat in one aged 6 and despite the sanitary practicalities, didn’t get out ’til he was well into his teens. During that time he represented Wales in kayak polo and paddled/fell down many of the biggest waterfalls in Wales. He still sleeps in a ‘yak but now also operates on land and has climbed all over the world from the Caucasus Mountains (where an incident with an upside-down map led to an accidental crossing into Russia) to the slopes of Mont Blanc. Tom is the proprietor of the only vineyard in Sageston.

Tom now leads expeditions all over the world and is the holder of the almost mythical 5 Star kayak award as well as a wealth of qualifications in pretty much all of the outdoor pursuits. Tom is a wild sea-food expert and you’re likely to find yourself munching on some unexpectedly tasty seaweed on one of his coasteers.

Joey - guide, Sun Fiend

Award-winning former international model and Red-Bull cliff-diving competition no-show, Joey loves climbing, surfing, jumping off things, cats and even rats. But most of all she likes the sun. She’ll cross the street to avoid a shadow and even walk in a sideways crab-fashion in order to get maximum sol. Clouds anger her. 

Joey started guiding in 2018 and is a veteran of many sessions including the infamous Caverns to White Tower Beast-Steer that broke a certain military team who’d asked for the ‘ultimate challenge’ and finished the session on all fours.

She likes to swim in wild places, she likes to explore. Joey is a fidget and is always looking for new things and so she’s a perfect adventure guide.


Henry - Rock Maestro

When he’s not working as a climbing instructor guiding people on cliffs and mountains all over the UK, Henry likes to relax by climbing the cliffs and mountains of the UK. He’s equally at home running a beginner session on a mellow Pembrokeshire sea-cliff as he is persuading clients up vertical ice-bound gulleys in the Scottish Highlands.

A climbing instructor with almost 20 years of experience and holder of the WMCI, Henry REALLY likes climbing.

Sarah - guide, arranger of objects into neat and preferably symmetrical patterns

Sarah joined us in 2018 as a newbie to coasteering but quickly showed an abundance of two important qualities we look for in a guide – unflappability and love of tidy patterns. On the roughest, windiest, gnarliest day with chunks of Atlantic juice unloading through The Crack, Sarah will float calmly in the chaos and make it quite hard for anyone around her to be be at all worried. The patterns thing is critical for neat and efficient Nautilusing: a CRITICAL skill. Sarah is one of the finest proponents of the Nautilus we have ever seen.

Sarah spends the winter months crafting fine jewellery, walking her dog and making tiny videos.

Charlie - guide, Nomad, 2015 New Zealand Sand-castle champion

Joining us this year is Charles – an experienced guide, climber and legendary route-setter who has already demonstrated the coolest of heads on a few early-season chunk-fests. 

Charles lives in a yurt near a remote waterfall in which he takes daily dawn-swims… That may happen less now.

Emma - Guide, Queen of shells

Emma came to us a few years ago and asked for a job. We applied the usual tests  – asked her to jump off some chunky cliffs, swim through dark underwater caves, hold giant crabs. We took her coasteering in the sort of conditions we’d usually take one look at and go home. She took our tests with a weird calm and we knew she was one of us. Emma is now well on the way to lead guide.

Emma’s love of adventure developed when her parents took her travelling in a caravan for 6 months. Doesn’t sound that adventurous? Well this was Australia, where just a paddle in the sea often leads to a wrestle with a croc or a fight with a shark. As is compulsory for aussies – she then travelled extensively until she wound up here in Pembs. Emma surfs, kayaks, climbs and runs uber-cool online emporium Golden Boheme. She also enjoys beer-pong.

NEWFLASH: Emma has left us for her Western Australian homeland! We’re working hard to persuade her to return. No sharks here etc… We’ve left her here as she’ll be really sad if we delete her.

Along with the above, we have a squad of eager lead and assistant guides who help us keep you safe. Dan, Alfie, Jerry, Tom K, Laura, Lukas, Mike and Rich are all finely tuned adventure machines ready to feed you some seaweed, gently encourage you to jump off something or give you a tow.