Wild Snorkelling!

This is WAY, WAY more than a splash about with a beach-shack mask in the shallows! Prepare to be amazed!

Here in Pembrokeshire our waters contain a diversity of life that has to be seen to be believed. We actually have some of the corals, colourful fish and even sharks(!) that you might associate with tropical waters but there is so much more. 

From forests of kelp gently waving in the Atlantic swells to darting blennys in deep, cool tidal pools. From grey seals that are as curious about you as you are about them to comb jellies with iridescent locomotory cilia that reflect all the colours of the rainbow. Watch self-camouflaging spider crabs, catsharks, jellyfish… There really is a lot to discover.

Provided by our good friends at Celtic Deep (experts in marine biology and all forms of diving from scuba to freediving to snorkelling) these guided snorkelling adventures are about giving you the skills and confidence to explore the underwater world and introducing you to the amazing wildlife you’ll find there. They’re a great first step for anyone interested in learning some of the skills you need to snorkel safely. 

Minimum age – 10 yrs old


Beneath the surface we might see: 
Spider Crabs, Catsharks, Jellyfish, Seals, Flounders, Thornback Rays, Bass, Mullet, Pollock, Wrasse, Lobster, Velvet Swimming Crabs, Starfish… amongst many other things!

Above water:
Gannets, Fulmars, Puffins, Razorbills, Oystercatchers, Cormorants, Gulls – Pembrokeshires birdlife is reknowned!

Session Prices

Adults £55 (3hr)
Under 18s £45 (3hr)

Give us a call on 07880 746892 or drop us an email at 

What’s included:

All equipment including: a super toasty wetsuit, snorkel, fins and mask.
Expert instruction from knowledgeable guides passionate about marine life
Small group guaranteed (maximum 6 people!) tailored to your group or families needs and interests.


It’s maybe one of the most under-rated activities. Basically, it’s swimming with a snorkel – a tube that allows you to breath whilst your face is under water. That definition really doesn’t do justice to the world this simple device opens up to the snorkeller though! Without the swimmers rush to breathe and with slow, careful movements you can become as one with the water and the world beneath the surface. 

Nope! As long as you’re a reasonable swimmer you’ll be fine. We’ll teach you the skills you’ll need. 

Not very! But anything involving the sea reuires some respect and knowledge – that’s what our guides are there for. Qualified to BSAC Snorkel instructor as a minimum, they’ll make sure you’re safe and teach you some of the things you need to know to stay safe if you venture out in the future.

It’s a 3 hour session with the morning session meeting at 0930 and finishing at 1230 and the afternoon session meeting at 1400 and finishing at 1700. We’ll spend some time teaching you snorkelling skills and you’ll be in the water itself for about an hour and a quarter.

Warm clothes to change into! You’ll be pretty chilled by the time we come back to shore. A changing robe, towel, coat, hot drink and hat are good choices even on a warm day. 

Firstly – rain does NOT matter! Bring a coat for getting changed – some of our meeting points have no changing rooms, showers, hot-tubs… It’s the price we pay for going to amazing places!

If it’s REALLY windy or if there’s a big enough swell running that all our sheltered spots are rough, we sometimes need to cancel. If you can’t reschedule we’ll always refund you.