Sea Cliff


Pembrokeshire is home to some of the best sea-cliff climbing in the known universe – fact.

Our half-day climbing adventures are ideal for anyone who’d like to find out what sea cliff climbing is all about.

During the session you’ll be introduced to the equipment that will be keeping you safe, taught some knot tying and belaying and you’ll develop your climbing technique. There’ll be plenty of time to get a feel for climbing and abseiling as well as push your personal boundaries as much as you like.

Unlike at an indoor climbing centre, on a climbing session in Pembrokeshire you’ll be treated to fresh air, spectacular views and most of all you will be by (above…) the sea!

We provide bespoke courses tailored to you and your group.

Session Prices

£200 per session (for up to four people), £50 per extra person (up to a maximum of six).

Larger groups, please get in touch.


Everyone has seen Cliffhanger, right? Free Solo? Valley Uprising? Sufferfest? Hard Grit? 

Our climbing sessions will not resemble these films. Unless you want them too. Henry or another one of our climbing guides will lead the session, setting up safety lines and explaining all you need to know to be safe and have a great time.

Nope. You’ll be shown everything you need to be safe AND our expert guide will be on hand to look after you. We use venues with a range of climbing difficulty that’ll give you the chance to start small and easy and work up – if you have the beans – to some pretty challenging routes.

Our climbing sessions are run by very highly qualified guides who are there to keep you safe. Risks are controlled and low.

About three hours.

We’re in Wales so it’s a very good idea to prepare for all meteorological eventualities!  Even on a sunny day a warm jumper and a coat that’ll keep you dry if it rains are essential (and waterproof trousers are a good plan) but bring suncream too! 

Some food is a good idea and something to drink is a very good idea.

Robust outdoor footwear (not sandals or flip flops), sometimes the walk in can get muddy!

Any medication needed during the day.

A 30-odd litre back pack for carrying equipment and items to the crags is helpful.

Whilst you definitely can’t beat blue skys and calm seas, we can climb in surprisingly wild conditions. 

We don’t specifically offer this as a service but our guides will often have a phone or camera on hand to capture your heroics. If you have a GoPro or similar, feel free to bring it along.